Ceramic Braces in Knutsford

Ceramic braces are discreet orthodontic devices that address aesthetic and functional issues of the teeth.

Ceramic braces are designed to offer solutions to both simple or complex dental problems. They can correct protruding, crooked, overlapping or gapped teeth. The braces can also address malocclusions such as overbite, underbite or crossbite for adults and children.

During your brace consultation at Superior Smiles, our dentist can conduct a thorough assessment of your dental condition and requirements, and formulate a treatment plan to suit your needs.

This brace system comprises of ceramic or tooth-coloured brackets that are fastened to the teeth and a wire running through each individual bracket, holding them in place. Your ceramic braces will be custom-manufactured from your oral impression, providing a comfortable fit.

The mechanism of a ceramic brace system is similar to traditional metallic braces but its components enable a more inconspicuous re-adjustment procedure. Your dentist will analyse the treatment progress at various intervals and tighten the wire to optimise the pressure required for the dental re-adjustment. After the ceramic braces have been removed, it is important to wear a retainer to avoid an orthodontic relapse.

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