Dental Veneers in Knutsford


A veneer treatment is a dental alteration designed to improve the appearance of your teeth. Dental veneers can offer a variety of cosmetic corrections and provide an alternative to orthodontic treatments or whitening procedures for smile regeneration.

Veneers are thin, light shells, fabricated from medical-grade porcelain or composite materials. They primarily treat front teeth that are stained, crooked, dull, damaged, overcrowded or gapped. A veneer treatment can be conducted to correct minor cosmetic and structural issues with the tooth or as an integral part of a smile makeover procedure.

At your veneer treatment consultation, the Superior Smiles team can determine your suitability for the procedure. Your dentist will adjust your dental enamel and tooth contours to create a better bonding surface for the prosthesis. They will take a dental impression and help you select the veneer shade to create a bespoke, natural-looking, custom-fit prosthetic cover.

At your next appointment, the veneer will be fixed to the front of your tooth and cemented in place. The area can be numbed during the procedure to make the veneer fitting as comfortable as possible. Your dentist can provide veneer care advice to help protect your dental prosthesis and prevent it from getting chipped or damaged.

As veneers can closely match the appearance of natural dental enamel, they can provide a discreet cosmetic treatment. Veneers are designed to be stain-resistant and durable, and with good oral care can last for over a decade.

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