Smile Makeovers in Knutsford


Superior Smiles offers an array of treatments to enhance the health and aesthetics of your teeth and gums. Your bespoke smile makeover program can include a combination of these procedures to tweak minor imperfections in your teeth or completely transform your dental appearance.

During an initial consultation, our team can assess your needs and desires regarding your smile makeover and discuss the anticipated results. Elements such as your oral health, dental condition, shape, colour and size of your teeth, gum and lip contours, and facial shape are taken into consideration while formulating your personalised smile makeover.

Your dentist may recommend correcting or adjusting single or multiple dental aspects as part of your smile makeover. This can be achieved by a combination of:

  • Discreet orthodontic treatments to address protrusion, rotation or misalignment
  • Restorative devices such as fillings, bridges, crowns or dental implants
  • Transformation of anterior teeth using veneers or cosmetic bonding

Addressing oral health issues before undergoing smile-enhancing procedures can provide optimal rejuvenation results.

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