Tooth Extraction in Knutsford


The Superior Smiles team endeavours to preserve your natural, existing teeth. However, at times, they may recommend a dental extraction to protect your remaining teeth and overall oral health.

You may require a dental extraction in the following cases:

  • Irreversible or extensive tooth decay
  • Chronic tooth infection
  • Crooked or overcrowded tooth which can impact the adjacent teeth
  • Persistent collection of pus on the gums
  • Irreparable or extreme damage caused by an injury, accident or trauma
  • Partially erupted or impacted wisdom tooth

At Superior Smiles, your dentist will examine your dental and medical history and analyse other treatment options before advocating a tooth extraction. They can discuss the reasons for recommending a tooth extraction and the potential benefits prior to the procedure. They can also suggest tooth replacement options such as a dental implant or bridge to fill the gap created by the extraction.

Before the extraction, our dental team will numb your mouth and a sedative can be given to make the patient as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Your dentist will provide aftercare advice and address any post-surgery concerns.

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