A night to remember… or not!


Hey guys
This weekend the Superior Smiles team (minus Alex & Kathy) met up for some good old Christmassy food and drinks.
We kick started the evening with a few pre-drink bubbles in Knutsford, of course we call it prinks!

But …… before we got too merry, we decided that our weekly motto ‘eating is cheating’ was not the greatest idea and headed for some amazing food in Gusto.
After cocktails, hearty food, more cocktails and lots of laughs, the shots started to come out (never was going to end well was it?)

Our original plan was to move on to somewhere we could dance the night away and let our hair down, it seems we already did that, and we didn’t end up moving from Gusto for the whole night. Its always the sign of a good night when you only take 3 pictures or is it more that we were incapable of seeing straight and that’s the real reason why we didn’t take any more photos?
But it didn’t end there…well for some it did who decided on an earlier taxi than anticipated #Steph (and they say the old ones can’t keep up)

And so, the rest is history or at least it should be but what happens at the boozy do stays at the boozy do, mainly because none of us can remember!
Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all from the very delicate Superior Smiles Team.