Inman Aligners in Knutsford


Inman Aligners™ are removable, inconspicuous, teeth re-adjustment appliances designed to address mild orthodontic issues affecting the anterior teeth.

The aligners can correct protrusion, rotation or minor crowding of teeth, straighten crooked teeth, or pre-align teeth before additional treatments such as veneers, cosmetic bonding or comprehensive smile makeovers. Our dentist at Superior Smiles can undertake an assessment of your dentition to determine your suitability for an Inman Aligners™ treatment.

The Inman Aligners™ system consists of nickel-titanium coil springs placed behind the teeth and a clear bar on the frontal surface. The strategic placement of the components allows the mechanism to exert the pressure required to quickly yet gently squeeze the teeth into the target position.

As Inman Aligners™ focus on only the minor orthodontic issues of the front teeth, they can provide results in a shorter time-frame of 6-18 weeks. This re-adjustment system usually requires a single set of aligners for the entire procedure, making it a more cost-effective treatment. The removable feature of the aligners helps the patients to maintain their oral hygiene routine and lifestyle during the treatment.

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