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For those of you that don’t know us, Superior Smiles opened to the public in August 2018.

So, what can we tell you about Superior Smiles?

We’ve created Superior Smiles to be unlike any other practice you will have been to. Why? Because we put you, the patient, first and you are at the heart of all we do. We understand the journey you embark upon with us and have tailored this with intense focus on every one of your touch points along the way. Unlike most dental practices, our highly skilled dentists do not own the practice. They have been specifically recruited to deliver their expertise and solely focus on you the patient. The operational running of the practice is left to experienced management to ensure the right environment for you to receive the right standard of treatment.

Picture it, your last dental visit.

Let’s face it, nobody likes going to the dentist do they so you’re likely to be a little anxious. The traffic was terrible, it’s raining, and you can’t find anywhere to park. When you do manage to park it’s a good walk away, you scramble for the right change to feed the meter for an hour because well you’re only going for ‘a quick check up.’
Upon arrival that familiar and anxiety inducing dentist smell smacks you in the face. The waiting room is heaving and you’re already wishing time away until it’s all over. The receptionist isn’t overly friendly and doesn’t bother to inform you that your dentist is in fact running behind, 30 minutes to be precise. When you do eventually get in to see the dentist, you’re in and out within 5 minutes and you’re given a treatment plan you don’t understand. You think it sounds complicated, but surely it must be right. You leave in haste and rush back to the car in the hope you avoid the parking attendant because your ticket is just about to expire. What better way to spend half a day you booked off work, or an afternoon you’d arranged for your parents to look after the children.
Sound all too familiar?


So Why Superior Smiles? 

At Superior Smiles we provide free on-site parking right outside the door as well as an access ramp for wheelchairs or pushchairs. You won’t be greeted with that anticipated dentist smell when you walk through our door. Our Reception Manager Stephanie will always give you a warm welcome and ensure you relax in our stylish waiting lounge with a beverage of your choice. We infrequently run late as we understand that you booked an appointment for a certain time and planned for this. On the rare occasion that we do, we will always inform you upon arrival and keep you fully updated because we value your time.


Unlike any other dentist 

We’re proud of our waiting room and believe the environment we have created is unlike the dental waiting room you were perhaps expecting. I mean, why would a practice invest in a relaxing, comfortable waiting lounge if they didn’t need to? We’re tired of these old, archaic opinions.


We’ve carefully designed our waiting to represent who we are – it’s modern, fashionable, sophisticated, comfortable and welcoming with no compromise on quality. It mirrors the entire journey we take you on here at Superior Smiles. We didn’t select the designs we liked, we selected the designs that we hoped you would like. The designs that make you feel most at ease. Our large bay window offers a scenic and tranquil view of trees and hedges and we offer a range of profiled magazines and crisp newspapers. Add in a refreshment of your choice and some relaxing music and you’ll probably forget you’re even at the dentist.


Service with a smile 

When you are greeted by either our Treatment Coordinator Rachel or our Dental Nurse Laura, it will always be with a warm and friendly smile.
We carefully listen to you and understand your personal smile aspirations. Our highly skilled dentists, Kathy & Albert will always take their time to explain everything clearly to you in a way that you understand, supported by photographs or X-rays where required for better communication.



A different point of view 

It’s easy to ‘patch up’ teeth and place another temporary sticking plaster on top of the one that’s already caused you to return. Here at Superior Smiles we take the time to step back and explain the reason why that same tooth keeps breaking or why that same filling keeps falling out. We provide you with all of the options available. You, the patient should be given the opportunity to make fully informed decisions about your dental care.

In our consultation lounge, our Treatment Coordinator Rachel will take the time to answer any questions you may have, talk though your treatment options in more detail and discuss appointment timings and payment options.

We offer general dental care in addition to cosmetic treatment including braces such as Invisalign and dental implants. Superior Smiles is located just off of Toft Road on Bexton Lane in Knutsford which is a 10 minute walk from Knutsford town centre.


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We look forward to welcoming you to Superior Smiles.