New Year New Me


Hi guys, a very Happy New Year to you all, we are back!
As we welcome 2019 ‘New Year New Me’ has been sprung on us all once again but, how long are we all really going to keep our New Year’s resolutions up for? I wanted to wish good luck to any of you (and Laura) who are taking part in dry January, you can do this! I will be supporting you from the onlook *sips wine*

The team and I have all made our New Year’s resolutions and decided to share them with you, if you have not already made one hopefully this may give you a little inspiration.
I have made a resolution to take more time for myself after an extremely hectic 2018 opening Superior Smiles.

Laura’s resolution is dry January in preparation for wet December.
Steph’s resolution starting the new year as a new homeowner is to ensure her wellbeing and to focus on her new career.
Albert’s resolution is to finish his PHD and spend more weekends with his family in Spain.
Alex’s resolution is getting her new home sorted and get settled in.
Together our Superior Smiles resolution is all about YOU. This year we want your goals to become our goals and give you something to smile about. We all know how hard a New Years resolution can be to stick to however, together we can create and achieve perfect sustainable results.
A realistic goal with an achievable result.
Last year we created many happy smiles and we look forward to doing many more in 2019
Watch this space for our smile gallery