Sports Mouthguards in Knutsford


Mouth injuries can occur while playing sports and even a simple fall or contact can chip, loosen or otherwise damage the tooth. To reduce the risk of dental injury, Superior Smiles offers sports mouthguards for both adults and children.

Different sports vary in levels of intensity and physical contact and therefore their players require different dental protective equipment. Our dental team can recommend the thickness level of the mouth-guard suited for your sporting needs. They can create bespoke sports mouthguards that offer a custom-fit and extensive dental coverage.

Generic mouth guards known as “boil and bites” are available at sports shops or chemists. However, they usually do not provide an optimal fit, allowing them to move around in the mouth which can result in a gag reflex and significantly reduce protection against jaw or tooth damage.

Custom-manufactured sports mouthguards can offer the following benefits:

  • Protection from lacerations in the cheek, tongue-biting, breaking of teeth or the jaw-bone
  • Safeguard against psychological trauma can that occur from sports-related dental injuries
  • Prevention of long-term financial costs associated with severe sports-related mouth injuries
  • Diminishing the risks of concussions

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