Marc Llaquet

GDC 281628

Introducing Dr. Marc Llaquet, our esteemed dentist with special skills in endodontics. Dr. Llaquet brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Superior Smiles making him a valuable asset for both our patients and referring dentists.


Dr. Llaquet obtained his Spanish Dental license from the prestigious International University of Catalonia (UIC), showcasing his commitment to excellence from the very beginning of his career. Continuously striving for further education in the field of endodontics, he successfully completed his 3-year European Master’s program in Endodontics at UIC in 2016. His exceptional dedication and hard work were recognized with a doctorate (PhD) and a cum laude distinction, highlighting his outstanding achievements in the field.


Dr. Llaquet’s passion for education and advancement is truly inspiring. He serves as an Associate Professor in the Endodontics Department at UIC, where he shares his extensive knowledge with students in the European Master’s program. His expertise is also sought after by a number of American universities, including Nova Southeastern University and Kansas City University, where he is invited to teach as a professor. In addition, Dr. Llaquet proudly holds the position of director of a master’s program in endodontics in Madrid, Spain.


Beyond his clinical and academic roles, Dr. Llaquet is a renowned speaker at American and Spanish universities, as well as national and international congresses. His expertise as an international Key Opinion Leader for Dentsply endodontics is highly valued, as he delivers numerous courses on the subject, further solidifying his position at the forefront of research in this field.


Dr. Llaquet’s contributions to the dental community extend to his publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals. These publications not only showcase his expertise but also demonstrate his commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements and research in endodontics.


At Superior Smiles, we are immensely proud to have Dr. Marc Llaquet as part of our dental team. His exceptional care, expertise, and dedication to his craft are unmatched. We invite you to meet Dr. Llaquet and experience his exceptional skills firsthand. Trust in his care and let us help you achieve and maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.