There’s their way, then there’s the Superior Smiles way


Call A: “Hello …Dental Practice”

Call B: “Good morning, Superior Smiles Knutsford, Stephanie speaking, please may I take your name?”

Quick question:
How many of you have experienced Call A and how many of you experienced call B in your time?

My second question: For those of you who experienced call A, how did it make you feel afterwards?

Annoyed? Unimportant? Not listened to? Waste of time? Wishing you didn’t bother? Confused?

First impressions create lasting impressions. At Superior Smiles we make it our priority to focus on you and personalise your experience with us. You are a unique individual, with unique circumstances, and unique expectations. From the very first interaction, your journey with us begins. We want to get to know you and we want you to get to know us too.
At Superior Smiles, our team and our patients are the heartbeat of our clinic. We understand the importance of listening to your needs, and we never compromise our standards. We know it can be really difficult for someone to pick up the phone to a dental practice and how disheartening it can feel if the person on the other end does not have a genuine desire to understand your circumstances.

We offer a free consultation so that you have the opportunity to experience our patient journey, get to know us and decide if we are the right practice for you. You can rest assured that when you come to Superior Smiles that you will always be greeted with a warm welcome and that you will always be in the safest hands. We take the time to listen to you carefully about what it is that you are looking to achieve and provide clear, informed advice in a way that you understand. If you do decide we are the right practice for you, you will always be fully supported by our team during every step of your journey with us. Don’t just take our word for it. Come in and put us to the test.